What’s new for 2020 at Farm Dog

Farm Dog’s vision has always been to provide you with the best in-field software platform for pest and disease management.  As part of that vision, we have rolled out a few key product upgrades for 2020, including: Current and forecasted weather 2. Satellite and plane imagery 3. Customize pdf reports 4. Pesticide label lookups 5. […]

Why Los Angeles is (un)surprisingly poised to become the next AgTech hub

Los Angeles, renowned for Hollywood and palm trees, was associated with something different just 75 years ago – agriculture. From 1909 to 1949, Los Angeles County ranked as the nation’s top farm county. What is now covered by highways, was home to over 13,000 farms growing a colorful mix of fruits, vegetables, cotton, and hemp, and raising […]

How did the Farm Dog / TerrAvion partnership come about?

Farm Progress recently highlighted our relationship with TerrAvion and our shared vision for the future of pest and disease management. We believe that the future of agriculture belongs to companies working together to provide better solutions for the industry, and we’re excited to share the work we do on this front. From the Farm Progress […]

Farm Dog named a top scouting solution by the United Soybean Board

We’re excited to share that Farm Dog has been named a top scouting platform by the United Soybean Board! The United Soybean Board is responsible for investing the soybean checkoff on behalf of all soybean farmers. In 2018, that was more than $100 million invested in soybean research and promotion efforts. The funds come from […]

Farm Dog + TerrAvion

Adding functionality to the high-quality image data TerrAvion provides, compares to adding whipped cream on top our your favorite pie; it makes it only better. The integration of TerrAvion high-resolution imagery in the Farm Dog mobile scouting app gives agronomists a way to effortlessly view your TerrAvion data layers on your phone or tablet while […]

Why we are opening up the Farm Dog platform for free to all Extension agents

*Find out more at extension.farmdog.ag Our team announced today that all County Extension Agents will be able to use Farm Dog’s award-winning precision agriculture platform for free.  We have partnered with the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) to bring Farm Dog to as many Extension Agents as possible. As we’ve gotten to know […]

Why climate change matters to pest and disease management

President Donald Trump probably heard their buzz from his podium at the Rose Garden last week when he announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords.  He may have seen a few scattered exoskeletons around the White House.  And in a few weeks, he may even be subject to their stench. They are […]

Crop pest and disease are not going away – top stories from 2016

We spend almost $60 billion per year on pesticides per year.  On a grower level, this comes out to 5% to 20% of operating expenses, with specialty crops (fruits and vegetables) bearing the higher cost.  Yet, we still see 20% to 40% crop loss per year across the world. And this isn’t just a third-world […]

Where can you find the most crop diverse farms?

A greater diversity of crops on the farm is a healthy management practice that brings with it a multitude of benefits, including higher yields, reduced reliance on chemical pesticides for pest and weed control, and reduced reliance on fertilizers. A recent study by Kansas State University, South Dakota State University, and the United States Department […]

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