Introducing Farm Dog

Growers spend 5% to 20% of their operating expenses per year on pest control yet continue to suffer from 20% to 40% crop loss due to pest and disease, not to mention ongoing scrutiny from just about everybody.  Sounds like a broken model to us.

We started Farm Dog to help growers increase yields while minimizing pesticide use.  We believe in empowering them with the right tools to more confidently make pest and disease management decisions.  Today, we open Farm Dog to you – the growers and their trusted advisors.

The backstory

You battle every day with threats against your crops.  Whether it’s ongoing issues such as soybean cyst nematodes or what may seem like random outbreaks of whiteflies, each region, each crop, and each growth stage provides its own challenges.

Scouting in the field

Helpful tools do exist, but they are too often not integrated.  It’s a pain being in the field juggling your notebook, phone camera, the everlasting search for the red ribbon marker you placed in the field last week, and your email/messaging application.

And while Extension services do a great job of collecting regional outbreak information, accessing that information when you need it in the field remains a challenge.

Finally, at the end of the season, when your finances show how much you’ve spent on pest and disease management, do you have the information you need to identify areas for improvement?

What if we could empower everybody – all growers, no matter the size – to collectively fight back against pest and disease in a way that saves time, labor, and chemical inputs?


Introducing Farm Dog

Farm Dog is your precision agriculture solution for pest and disease management.  Our in-field application and web dashboard allow growers and their advisors to:

  1. Easily document scout data and observations from any phone or tablet, even when completely off

    Field history


  2. Communicate their findings in real-time with the whole team – growers, employees, and trusted advisors,
  3. Manage and track their workforce and time spent in the field, and
  4. Analyze their treatment decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Think of Farm Dog as the Swiss Army knife of scouting tools.  Write notes, place GPS markers, take photos, make recommendations, and send your reports straight from the field – all within one application.  Minimal clicks.  Minimal complexity.  Minimal headache.

What does this mean?  For our first users – 45 minute savings per day.

And we’ve made Farm Dog as simple as possible to start using.  Unlike other options, you don’t have to jump through hoops just to start working with us:

  1. Easy sign-up. Just download the app, register, upload your fields, and start.  No back-and-forth emails just to get started – you’re busy enough as it is.
  2. John Deere integration – Have a John Deere account?  Import your fields directly into Farm Dog and never miss a beat.
  3. Simple and affordable pricing. We believe every grower has the right to access valuable tools at an affordable price. Farm Dog is free to almost 90% of growers in the United States and many more world-wide.  Click here to find out more.

John Deere field import


Today’s launch is just the beginning.  Click on your phone’s operating system below to download Farm Dog.  We look forward to having you join our community.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, feel free to contact me directly at


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