Crop pest and disease are not going away – top stories from 2016

We spend almost $60 billion per year on pesticides per year.  On a grower level, this comes out to 5% to 20% of operating expenses, with specialty crops (fruits and vegetables) bearing the higher cost.  Yet, we still see 20% to 40% crop loss per year across the world.

And this isn’t just a third-world problem.  Growers in the US and Europe also battle daily with pests and diseases attacking their crops.  We’ve compiled some of the top pest and disease stories of 2016 from across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices can help stem the spread and damage of pest and diseases.  Farm Dog has developed a solution available to all growers and scouts that can help them adopt best practices in IPM.  Please reach out to us if you’d like to try us out on your fields.


Here’s to a 2017 with fewer preventable crop losses.Pest and disease stories of 2016

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